Initiation Into Shamanic Dragon Yoga & The 7 Celtic Chakras

with Mark T.J Keane

10am – 6pm, 30th June 2023

White Rabbit Glastonbury
21-23 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DP

Embark On The Sacred Healing Path Of Riding The Dragon Fire Into The Celtic Otherworld Annwn, Through The Seven Caers (Celtic Chakras)

This is a powerful and potent re-imagining of the ancient Druidic wisdom of the Celts, who above all else were…Dragon Riders!

Reclaim this lost ancient memory of yourself as a Celtic Shaman and Dragon Rider.

In the Shamanic Dragon Yoga, we use a unique combination of movement, sound, breath and the ‘Dragon Gates’ to wake up the inner dragon fire, and prepare you for your journey into the Otherworld.

Then learn to find your  ‘Shamanic Dragon’, in the Shamanic Journey Initiation, ready to ride it into the Celtic Otherworld…

You will then ride your dragon into a Spiral of Shamanic Journeys, and visit some of the Celtic Chakras (Caers)…

It’s time to take Yoga to the next level, back to its Shamanic origins.

It’s time for you to remember your shamanic heritage, and find the truth of who you really are.

Sliding Scale – £66 Aspiring (low wage), £77 Harmonic (waged), £88 Abundant (high earner)

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