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So why meditate?

For me there is no greater skill than meditation, because it gives you the ability to re-focus your mind, and therefore attention, on what should be your priority, in any given moment.

How often do we find ourselves trying to do something, and then the next moment, find our attention wavering away from the task at hand, to the point that we momentarily forget what what we were doing.

How often do we find ourselves getting caught up with negative thinking? It may all start with something we read, or something someone we said, and before we know it, it is beginning to affect our mood.

Sometimes, if gone unchecked, negative thinking can spiral out of control, and lead us down, and down into a state of depression, stress or anxiety.

Is it difficult?

In its essence, meditation, is perhaps the most simple task you will ever undertake, because the essence of meditation is simplicity itself. Simply by redirecting our attention away from the complexity of the mind, onto the simplicity of the breath, coming and going, for example, we can begin to transform our experience into one of clarity.

How often should I meditate?

The biggest barrier to meditation is time, our attention is in constant demand, and we live very busy lives, and often we do not have time for anything that is not necessary.

This is a trick…a trick of the mind.

There is always time, and certainly more time than you ‘think’.

The fact is that anything that you do, will be greatly enhanced by meditation, because time spent meditating will provide you will clear thinking, increased focus, greater perspective, creative inspiration, higher energy levels, and above all a sense of calm, keeping stress and overwhelm at bay.

So the truth is…you can’t afford not to meditate!

Afford Meditation

Several years ago I was commissioned to write what is still my best selling e-book ‘How To Meditate For Beginners’. The idea was to encourage more people into meditation, that hadn’t yet made the transition into integrating meditation into their lives. They were therefore missing out on the multitude of benefits that meditating regularly can bring them. We did our bit to address this gap.

Yet, with the rise of web 2.0, smart phones etc people want more than just plain text and photos to engage them with the content.

That’s why I have quite literally brought ‘How To Meditate For Beginners’ to life, by transforming it into an online course, in order to make meditation even more accessible to the absolute beginner, although I am confident even experienced meditators would appreciate the value of this content.

This wonderful course is fully interactive, you can post to the discussion forum, and get online support from me.

I will add to this course over time, and you will never have to pay a penny more, because all my courses are for LIFETIME ACCESS, and come with a no risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, so nothing to lose!

Thanks so much to you all, I wish you well, and I really hope to see you on this course!

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Peace out.


Mark TJ Keane

Mark Keane

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