Secret Enlightenment Quote
“Today we live in a world, largely of our own making, flooding the senses with food for the ego. The media has replaced our collective imagination as the way to perceive the world. We need to take our perception back, to take responsibility for our own profound reverence of the world, without the need for an immature lens seeking to profit out of our suspended ignorance.”

From e-book ‘Secret Enlightenment’ by Mark T.J Keane – available NOW!

“All things are clear in the light of meditation, and with clarity comes total relaxation into one’s deep joy.”
– Mark T.J Keane, 12/3/14

“There is only one prize worth having in this world, and yet it is not from this world at all…reclaim your soul, forever free of troubles.”
– Mark T.J Keane, 4/3/14


“Life isn’t short…Life is eternal.”
– Mark T.J Keane, 27/3/24


“Contrary to popular belief, true freedom is an inner shift, regardless of one’s external circumstances.”
– Mark T.J Keane, 25/2/14


 “Patience is the highest virtue to cultivate.”
– Mark T.J Keane, 22/2/14