Here are a few incredible books which I personally recommend:

My favourite Kundalini Yoga Manual to teach from is:

Sexuality and Spirituality: With the Kundalini Yoga Sets and Meditations of Yogi Bhajan

This has some very powerful Kundalini Kriyas and Meditations, and in my opinion has some of the most potent and direct methods for Kundalini awakening. I highly recommend Kundalini sets 1-7 from page 28, beginning with ‘Raise Kundalini in Quick Order’, my favourite set (number 2)  follows this. Good luck!


On the subject of Lucid Dreaming:

Dreams of Awakening: Lucid Dreaming and Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep

Charlie Morely, my Lucid Dream teacher now has this amazing book out. If you want to learn to Lucid Dream, then this book is an absolute must!

He is in my mind the best Lucid Dream teacher in the world because he speaks with such clarity and passion.

This book has the capacity to make profound changes in your life, because it can give you to the ability to communicate directly with your dreaming mind i.e. the unconscious (subconscious).

This is at the very heart of Yoga, and is similar in essence to Yoga Nidra, bringing consciousness into the levels beyond the waking state.

If you want to enter a world where anything is possible, then this book is for you!


The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep

 Once you have mastered Lucid Dreaming, then you are well on your way to becoming proficient at Dream Yoga.

Ultimately we want to bring consciousness to every aspect of our being, even in sleep.

Once we have done this, we will see that we can stay conscious even through the ultimate portal…death!

I was recommended this book in Dharamsala, where the Tibetans are in refuge.

I am very excited to see this available on Amazon!