About Sleeping Serpent

The Sleeping Serpent is a symbol of our potential. Sleeping Serpent We only use a fraction of the potential energy within us, which has the ability to unlock untold wonders and abilities for us. Our potential is contained within our life force, which is the very same force of all creation. This life force has always been represented by the serpent, right across the world, and across the ages. This is because of the nature in which the force snakes, and spirals life into existence, from the spiralled shell of the tiny primitive sea life of the ammonite, to the spirals of our galaxy. It also snakes, and spirals up through our spine, in a central psychic channel known as sushumna, and has many names, but is most famously known in India as the Kundalini. The serpent therefore in mythology always has the properties of healing, transformation, and wisdom, for these are the properties of our Kundalini life force. Because we are conditioned to go through life without much recognition of the limitless possibilities of our Kundalini force, it is said that we are sleeping, and our serpent energy sleeps, dormant, coiled three and a half times, at the base of the spine, awaiting the day where you will feel ready to call it into being. This is a glorious day indeed, the day you Wake up, the whole universe becomes that little bit brighter. This is why our organisation is called Sleeping Serpent, because it uses powerful ways to awaken the Kundalini in you safely, and naturally, so you may begin to unfold your potential, and become the super-human you were born to be! Join the Sleeping Serpent movement, and awaken to uncoil your true identity!