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Today I want to talk about a really misunderstood subject, and that is the widespread use of alcohol, and how the way in which it is currently consumed, and its effects, are nothing like what they were in ancient times.

Alcohol should be brewed to wake us up, not dumb us down!

Right across the world for tens of thousands of years, humanity has brewed alcohol, it has been known as the gift from the gods. It has been brewed in a sacred way combining ancient recipes of medicinal or psycho-active herbs. In fact, ancient cultures believed that these secrets of fermentation were given to us by the gods themselves.

Gradually, this all began to change with the rise of fanatical movements such as the Puritans. They did not like the fact that these brews woke up the creative (and sexual) force, and saw it as the devil’s work. They worked hard for centuries to ensure our ancient brewing practices were eradicated, and replaced with methods that suppressed our life force, in turn this has made us easier to be controlled by both religious, and political doctrine. It has been used to keep us asleep.


These days, after one too many beers we fall prey to a drunken stupor, that is we lose consciousness.

In the past, beer for example, was used to combine sacred and healing herbs, that were used to restore health, and bring us into balance, or they were used to enable us to see into different realities that operate on higher frequencies than those our five senses are accustomed to filtering.

This all changed during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, when the Puritans insisted, right across Europe that beer had to be brewed with hops, and hops is a sedative, a sleeping potion, and is also used in drinks like horlicks that our designed to help us sleep.

Prior to this, we have absolutely no history whatsoever of using hops in beer, and when it was introduced to Great Britain, King Henry VIII hated it, and banned it across the land. However, after his death in 1547, the fanatics eventually succeeded. To this day beer is rarely made with anything other than hops, barley, yeast and water. In Germany, to this day, the purity law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot) actually forbids that beer can be made from anything else.

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You have to understand that this change was not made lightly, it was imposed upon us, and we fought it for hundreds of years, and yet now we have forgotten, we have drunk from the river of forgetting. These new Europeans, with their puritanical doctrine, who went on to conquer the world in colonial times have spread their stupefying alcoholic drinks to the whole world, and done their best to eradicate ancient brews that are a threat to the establishment.

Yet in the past beer was made from all sorts of herbs with many interesting properties, for example Mugwort, Henbane, and Wormwood. The most ancient of these is Heather and was used by the Celts and the Druids, which were famed for making magical potions, Druid comes from the Welsh (Old British) ‘Dwr’ which means door to the Oak tree, linking their consciousness to the unseen realms. The Ancient Egyptians used to brew up beers with the Blue Lotus flower to open up their third eye, so that they could commune with the Gods. Similar traditions such as the Eleusinian Mysteries of Ancient Greece drank a mysterious drink known as the kykeon, using ergot which is undoubtedly psychoactive.

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The good news is that you can reclaim your sovereignty over your right to these magical beers by brewing your own. The process is remarkably simple, and doesn’t even need to take as long as you might think.

Many of these ancient recipes, and the history behind their use (and suppression) is well documented in the incredible work by pioneer, Stephen Harrod Buhner in ‘Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers‘.

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I highly recommend you pick up a copy, and try these recipes. I started with Mugwort Beer, because I am a lucid dreamer, and this herb is well known in the lucid dream community to assist lucidity, which is the ability to wake up in the dream state. Indeed I did find that on drinking this beer, it led to a very different sensation from beers, or other alcoholic beverages that are easily accessible from the shops, it put me into a dreamy, insightful and intuitive state of mind, and this is a very mild herb compared to some of the others.

Because of the widespread use of alcohol, and the complete ignorance of how it has been used to keep us down, we really need to get this message out there, so tell as many people as you can. This is a really big way that we can change the world, from shifting to sleepy drinks to awakening drinks we can change the whole culture, and restore it to one which is in balance and reverence to nature.

Mark Keane

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