I just wanted to share with you an adventure that I went on recently, and that was to walk  a trek known as the Offa’s Dyke Trail.

It was an epic adventure that saw me simply walk out of my front door, continue over the Severn Bridge, thereby leaving England and entering into Wales…

Mark over Severn Bridge
I then follow the ancient dyke from Chepstow which was built between England and Wales before England even existed! The area that bordered Wales was an Anglo Saxon kingdom called Mercia. The dyke is attributed to an ancient King of Mercia known as Offa.

On the Dyke…

Mark on the Dyke
Inside a part of the dyke where the ancient banks tower over me!…

Mark in the dyke
I wild camped every night, each night looking for a more spectacular setting than the previous night. This photo is taken from camping within an ancient Hill Fort called Beacon Hill, which had impressive view over both England and Wales…

Mark in Hill Fort

I wild swam in the rivers every day, as my way of washing, and connecting deeper into the wildness of nature.Mark wild swimming

After 200 miles or so, I reached the end of the trail at the North Welsh coast…Mark at Prestatyn
I really felt compelled to share my journey because it has really helped me so much to connect to the Warrior within me even more. To deepen my self trust that I know where I am going, and that I have the drive and focus to get there no matter what the elements bring me, and I encountered gale force winds on top of the Clwyddian Mountain ranges. However, this did not deter me one bit, in fact I welcomed the challenge, and came into my Warrior Yogi spirit even more…Mark on Clwyddian Ranges

I really recommend that you spend as much time walking in nature, swimming in the rivers and camping out under the stars. If you can take a few days to go on an epic adventure like this, then I can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks light warriors, and good luck with your journey
In Secret Service of the Sleeping Serpent,