How to Meditate for Beginners

Ancient Secrets That Will Instantly De-Stress Your Life

Mark TJ Keane

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Meditation is the single most important thing you can do in your life, and the good news is that the best time to do it, is now!

There is no need to wait, because the beauty of meditation is that it can be done anywhere…

Whatever you are doing, even right now, will be far more effective as a result of the ease and simplicity of meditation.

Meditation gives you the clarity of mind that you need to see where you are now, and where you are going.

Meditation ensures you return to such a profound state of natural relaxation, that your body loses all of its tension, following the absolute calming of the mind to the deepest tranquility the world has ever known.

Inferior states of consciousness such as anxiety, depression, frustration, impatience, boredom, apathy, misplaced anger and/or resentment, are all transformed into a calm, relaxed, natural demeanour. This is because you, the meditator, will return to your natural state of ease, and contentment.

This concise book will introduce you to ancient secrets which will afford you a state of well-being, that you will learn to respect, and choose to integrate into your life.

Follow this lead, and your life will never be the same again. Get ready for Peace. Get ready to be truly, deeply, happy!

Just $5.00



“Hi Mark

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for this.

It was a joy to come across it in my inbox.

I haven’t finished reading it yet. When I have I will feedback at more length.

So far, I think it is quite wonderful.

It is clean and simple and beautifully written.

Yogic philosophy can get rather complex (I started with Vivikenanda’s marvellous Raja Yoga) so it is always refreshing to find something which speaks in straightforward accessible language and offers bite-size-try-it-nows in nice little chunks.

I suspect your serpent has probably woken up, Mark.

Anyway, bye for now. Hoping we can communicate in the future. I like your style.

Back to reading it.



Secret Enlightenment

Sssh! You Don’t Have To Tell Anyone, Your Secret Is Safe

Mark T.J Keane

Only $5.00

“Enlightenment. It’s what we all want. Even if we don’t know it’s what we want, (or think we don’t know what we want) it’s what we all want, no exceptions, and it is most certainly what we all need. We all love a good story. There has been this story going round for quite some time now; that enlightenment is something rather difficult to acquire, but it isn’t true. We all know it isn’t true, but we say it is, because we enjoy pretending…”

“Today we live in a world, largely of our own making, flooding the senses with food for the ego. The media has replaced our collective imagination as the way to perceive the world. We need to take our perception back, to take responsibility for our own profound reverence of the world, without the need for an immature lens seeking to profit out of our suspended ignorance.”

In this book Enlightenment is made really accessible, as we are reminded that the state of pure joy, bliss and innocence, is merely a return to the natural state. It is not some grandiose achievement for the few, far from it. Once we learn to redirect our attention away from the distractions, and back into a true connection with ourselves, we will see that enlightenment is not only easy, but lots of fun.

The more we focus on the simplicity of what this book outlines, the happier we become. We feel the relief of letting go, of all the make believe problems, that we were taught to believe in.

We celebrate the pure magic, freedom and light-heartedness of each, and every moment.

Are you ready to be secretly enlightened?…

Only $5.00



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