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In my last post I mentioned that the 8th step that a socialist dictator must take in order to successfully close down an open society, is to take control of the press.
To all intents and purposes, with regards to the current situation, this has now happened.
How has this been possible?
In the past it was not possible for large corporations to have too much stake in the press in the West, as this would contravene laws set up to prevent a monopoly situation.
However, over the last twenty years or so, the industry has lobbied to get these laws changed, and it has allowed just 6 companies to now control the narrative in mainstream media (MSM) in the UK, and only 5 in the USA.
It makes it much easier for a cohesive narrative to be spread across the breadth of mainstream media. Each is aligned with the corporate interests of their parent companies, which can quite easily collaborate with each-other to serve mutual interests.
What this allows is a situation where ‘disinformation’ is easily spread. Disinformation differs from misinformation in that it comes from a previously credible source, whereas the latter can come from any source.
The 3 formerly credible News Outlets I wish to focus on today in the UK, which have been clearly compromised are :

1. The Guardian – representing the traditional left
2. The Daily Telegraph – representing the traditional right
3. The BBC – designed to be impartial, the voice of reason
It may be said, that until recently if one wanted to be very well informed with regards to UK current affairs, one might cross reference all 3 of these formerly credible new sources.
1. The Guardian has been the go to newspaper for many years for those who are anti-establishment, and offer a voice to those who feel marginalised by the system. For this reason, I always felt that in order to squash dissent towards any emerging attempt at a dictatorship within the UK, it would be vital to control this paper.
Because the Guardian prides itself on being independent, it now relies on donations from its readers. The amount of ‘pop-ups’ requesting donations that flash up these days with the online version of this paper, is testament to the fact that it is struggling to maintain itself through this model, now that physical newspaper sales are in such decline. One assumes that for this reason, the Guardian had to compromise and accept $30,000,000 donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. What this must surely mean is that the foundation has a significant amount of editorial control over the health section of this paper. Therefore, during this current health crisis there will have to be many articles which support the agenda of that foundation. This really goes against the general ethos of the newspaper which supposedly does not support the agenda of unelected Billionaires. This foundation is now the most powerful force in the global health industry.
Therefore, one has to now be very discerning with what one reads in the Guardian, and separate the wheat from the chaff. Clearly there are some very good journalists still operating within this paper, but it is a mixed bag. However, the very fact that there is a conflict of interest within the same paper, which pushes two opposing narratives creates ‘cognitive dissonance’. This further causes the reader to lose trust in ones ability to process information, and effectively navigate one’s perception of the world, which leads to anxiety, which is useful when attempting to manipulate society through fear.
For a fuller picture it might be useful to cross reference the Guardian with the Off Guardian because it has been founded by people who were banned or censored on the ‘comments is free’ section…https://off-guardian.org
2. The Daily Telegraph – traditionally a voice for the right, with more established, traditional values, this paper will be more inline with corporate interests, however, it its worthy of note that it too has accepted a donation of around $3,000,000 from the Bill and Gates Foundation. Therefore, we can see why around certain key health areas, the Telegraph will curiously be singing from the same hymn sheet as the Guardian, which previously would not usually be the case.
3. The BBC – The BBC has always prided itself on being impartial, and is renowned all around the world as a highly credible and high quality news service.
What I believe happened is that when the Conservatives got into power, they were not happy with a media service within the arm of the Government which could be seen to be go against its own narrative. Therefore, I feel what happened, is that the BBC was threatened to have its funding pulled if it did not toe the line of the Government. This is what I have heard though the grapevine, and I have heard the same within the arms of Government that I have been involved with. Therefore, the BBC overtime moved from being a rather radical and progressive news source to being what is effectively now state propaganda.
Aside from this, and perhaps due to the Government restricting funding, the BBC accepted $60,000,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. So once again, one can no longer trust information with regards to the several arms that this foundation is involved with, particularly with regards to health during this current ‘crisis’.
So where can one go for credible news information in the UK?
I find that the best one is currently UK Column News, and they have a live stream at 1pm GMT on Monday, Wednesday and Friday: https://www.ukcolumn.org
Thanks for considering my current assessment of the situation with regards to the attack on the British free press. I make this post because I believe the truth matters, no matter how hard it is to hear it, and that the truth is always out there, and with vigilance, it shall prevail!

Mark Keane

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  1. Hi Mark

    I totally agree with the above – MSM is not reporting the truth anymore – I live in Ireland and we have the same going on with our newsreaders and journalists (and politicians!). Nobody telling the ‘real’ story. At the moment we are being invaded by 1000’s of unvetted men arriving into our hotels and destroying local rural towns. But if you say anything you are labelled a ‘racist’. While nothing is being done to house our own people. And don’t get me started on the plandemic lies…

    I just did your plant teacher course on Udemy and found it interesting. I have found great benefits from microdosing and believe the mushrooms can teach us so much. (maybe we can get our politicians to take some!!).

    Best wishes to you and your good work!


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