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Chakra Journey

Journey through the Chakras:

Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Nature Wisdom and more… With Mark T.J Keane JOIN THE CHAKRA REVOLUTION – it is an inner revolution, spinning your yogic energy centres, so your energy flows perfectly into creating you, and your life, exactly how you want it! Get ready to really move forward, and live the life you always dreamed of, and were born to live. Like me, YOU can be who you want to be, have whatever you want to have, do whatever you want to do, whenever you want i.e. be completely FREE! Right now you have the choice to be able to really feel good about yourself, and your life. This is all possible by unlocking the ancient secrets of the Chakra energy centers, as taught in Kundalini Yoga, and Ancient Wisdom across the world, through the ages. After over 10 years of practicing, and teaching Kundalini Yoga, having learnt this sacred art in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India – I can tell you this stuff is amazing. I also have spent the last 10 years practicing and teaching Kundalini Dance, having learnt this groundbreaking practice in the rainforest outside of Byron Bay, Australia – a powerful, shamanic Journey through the Chakras, and I share the wisdom of how you too, like me can heal, and feel wonderful all the time. I may be completely unique in the world to have mastered these 2 practices, but they complement each-other perfectly. Happiness is about finding balance – Kundalini Yoga is very male, very specific, and goal orientated, whereas Kundalini Dance, and the wisdom I share from this, is very female, creative, intuitive and loving. I have unlocked the secrets to happy, and successful living, and I am sharing these secrets with you now!… This is an 8 week Chakra journey, a voyage of discovery within your inner ‘seven seas’ of knowledge, to finally rediscover the lost magical island of pure being, and unbounded joy. Week One: Introduction to your 7 Chakras – We are made up of energy vibrating across 7 unique frequencies, just like all of life in the universe. This is why this is the best, simplest, an most effective system to get you exactly where you want, and need to be – because we literally embody these 7 principles! Week One: Introduction to your 7 Chakras – We are made up of energy vibrating across 7 unique frequencies, just like all of life in the universe. Week Two: Base – Anchor your attention through the sitting bones into the Earth, and reclaim you rightful claim to your body. Week Three: Sacral – Dive deep into your sexual essence and remember how to feel the sensual nature of your body and the world around you. Week Four: Solar Plexus – Reclaim your vital energy to become a powerful magnet to become who you were born to be, and live the life you were born to live. Week Five: Heart – Between the pillars of your strong shoulders lies a lost and forgotten island surrounded by a deep ocean of wonderful bliss. It’s time to return to the joy you once had. You deserve to feel you own soul dancing in the shining light of your conscious attention. Week Six: Throat – Everything is communication. We were born to relate, but communication starts at home. Learn to really listen to and through your body to a deeper place, an inner knowing sounding from the lost inner Week Seven: Third Eye – Take the mask off, and learn to really see yourself as you truly are, an amazing and unique soul. Create a vision a thousand miles high, and across the whole world. Week Eight: Crown – Coming home to rest in pure awareness, the shining light of divine love. Life is a blessing, allow your soul to embrace the heart of the Universe. Don’t wait a moment longer – start feeling better, and living fully right now, by enrolling on this unique course…

Join me NOW on the journey of a life time!


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Warrior Yoga For Men

mark2 “Men, It’s Time To rise!” For too long, the awesome practice of Yoga has been dominated by women in the West! The Truth is : Yoga was invented by men, for men, and historically in India has been largely practiced by men! It’s only right that Men share at least 50% of the Yoga Studio! After all Yoga is primarily about balance…balance of the masculine and feminine qualities in us all. What is Yoga really? Yoga is NOT about stretching, and poncing around in a leotard! Yoga is about empowerment – it connects us with the deep power within us, our potency. It is the key to feeling how awesome it is to be a man, and to share your awesome passion with the world! What is a Warrior? A true warrior is nothing to do with violence! A warrior is he who has the passion, strength and determination to stand up for what he believes in. We live in a cynical world – a world which the warrior is here to reclaim, in order to bring forth a better way…a new world! This course highlights a deeper understanding of the 10 Keys to being a True Man, and powerful Kundalini Yoga exercises to ensure you embody them. Prepare to become a Warrior!...

  • Maturity – To be a real man, in a world of ‘boys’ pretending to be men, we must move beyond immaturity, from reactivity to responsibility.
  • Purpose – Find your life’s purpose, your mission, and you move from confusion to meaning, and this strike’s contentment deep into the heart of every man.
  • Drive – In a world of continuous bombardment of information, and entertainment, we must learn to move beyond distraction to unprecedented direction and focus.
  • Passion – Fuel your inner fire and keep it burning, in order to feel alive!
  • Potency – Channel and redirect your sexual energy (testosterone) and actually use that same energy that fuels lust to fuel your creative projects and endeavours!
  • Courage – To be a Warrior, you must be brave enough to meet life’s challenges, in fact you must learn to welcome them in, to love them, for a man is living most authentically, when he is on the edge!
  • Success – Live an abundant life, and find your freedom, for this is no end to the dreams you can, and will manifest once you do these practices, and implement this way of thinking into your life. We create our own reality, when we hold true to our mission, and believe in our unique abilities.
  • Authenticity – Reclaim your honour, in a world that has diminished the integrity of honesty, and respect – stand tall, and be a virtuous knight for the new age upon us, which we can now choose to co-create.
  • Presence – When you get this down, you become a master of attraction and clear communication, this will make you a beacon for women to drawn to you, and ensure you power in your business as well.
  • Mastery – The ultimate goal – Learn to master your mind, and the world falls at your feet, for you have achieved true Wisdom, a rare thing indeed, and yet it is absolutely within your reach.

It comes down to one question…”How alive are you?”….”Men It’s Time To Rise!” BE A MAN AND ENROLL NOW TO BECOME THE WARRIOR YOGI THE WORLD NEEDS! *** Women – Be warned *** If you enroll, it will strengthen your more masculine qualities – prepare to be more purpose driven, focused, and achieve a sharp clarity of mind. You will be so strong and clear, that no-one will be able to distract you from your mission – are you ready for that? “Whatever you are physically…male or female, strong or weak, ill or healthy–all those things matter less than what your heart contains. If you have the soul of a warrior, you are a warrior. All those other things, they are the glass that contains the lamp, but you are the light inside.” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel   Enroll-icon

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How To Meditate For Beginners

The best selling e-book brought to life! Now available as an online course! how to meditate for beginners “Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be”, Eckhart Tolle Congratulations! Just by reading these words, something in you has made a choice for a better life. On some level you wouldn’t be drawn to read this introduction unless you hadn’t had enough of stress in your life. Enough is enough! You have come to the right place. When you have finished this course you will have discovered for yourself the secrets that stand between you and the life you were born to live: A life without stress! Stress is so common in our modern society that it is considered normal. Yet it is not normal to live a life where you feel unable to easily relax even at the end of a hard day’s work. There is an answer to all your problems, and it has been here for a very long time, hidden in plain sight, a secret so close it is all too obvious to miss it; the secret is contained in the essence of meditation. As a trained, very experienced, and highly regarded Kundalini Yogi, I will reveal to you what they don’t want you to know. That you can live a life without stress, a life where you can learn to unplug from the system and regain control. The ancient secrets I will reveal to you will enable you to: 1. Eradicate stress from your life 2. Access inner peace instantly at any time of the day 3. Ensure you feel more at ease, content and happy 4. Give you the power to deal with whatever challenges life throws at you 5. Relax deeper than you have ever known 6. Stay in control of all negative thoughts and emotions 7. Have space and clarity to think effectively 8. Bring an end to feeling overwhelmed Have you all the energy you need 9. Master your mind : Get your life back Just follow the simple, easy instructions in this course, and I promise all your life will be enhanced and enriched as a result. Remember, meditation is easy and very simple, and yet holds the keys of an incredible power, to transform your life, from one of stress, to one of perfect calm. Prepare To Be happy, And Enroll Now!  


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Secret Enlightenment

This course is designed to wake you up!


The secret is that enlightenment is not just for the select few, it is for all of us, it is for YOU! The planet is suffering because the masses are being kept in suspended ignorance, to serve the profit of the self-elected elite… This has to stop now!… Now is the time of the common awakening. It is time to reclaim what is rightfully yours, your birthright, your true identity. If you want to change the world, to have universal peace, then you have to turn your attention inwards, to the part of you that is already at perfect, profound peace. You will learn how to dissolve all fears, doubts, worries and other illusory problems of the mind. Enlightenment can not wait, this is the time of spiritual emergency, to emerge as unlimited spiritual beings living human lives, not the other way round…we change now, or the consequences will be unthinkable! No time for postponement, this is the moment you have been waiting for, and you are the hero you have been waiting for…ENROLL NOW! Enroll-icon

Risk Free : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Detox from the Digital World

Gain Freedom from Technology and Find New Inspiration for Living your Life to the Max!

Detox from the Digital World Do you check your phone for messages even when it isn’t ringing? Do you sometimes spend more time looking at a screen than observing the real world? Do you feel uneasy when you leave your phone at home, or when it runs out of battery life? Do you find it hard to go through the day, even on weekends without checking your email/social media? If the answer is yes to any of these, then you could be addicted to technology, and would benefit from a digital detox! You are not alone, the whole world has becoming increasingly reliant on the new emerging technologies as more, and more, they become a part of our modern lives. However, technology is designed to make our lives easier. If you are going online compulsively, even when you don’t need to, then it could be that you are making your life more complex, and therefore more stressful, than it needs to be. Reclaim Your Life! Millions of people around the world are waking up to the fact that much of our digital appliances, platforms and apps have actually been designed to be addictive, in order that companies can profit from your compulsive behaviour. Remember you have a choice. You can break these habits as easily as you have formed them, and cleanse your mind and body from the stresses they are enduring from being overly subjected to the digital domain. Join this course now and begin immediately to take control back away from the digital world, and also from corporations, and the multi-media millionaires that profit from you being addicted to it. Rediscover how to find a balance between your digital life and your real life, and make technology work for you.



Risk Free : 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Kundalini Yoga : A New Beginning, A New Life, A New You!

Discover the Key to Unlock the Secret to Make Your Life Much More Amazing : Feel Great & Have Boundless Energy Right Now

Kundalini Yoga New Beginning Course

However your life is right now, by completing this short course, you can find the key to making it even more amazing with Kundalini Yoga.

If you sometimes feel a bit stuck, or a bit lost perhaps, the techniques I will show you here will get your energy flowing again. This will enable you to regain the clarity of purpose that you need to give greater meaning to your life. Say goodbye to feelings like apathy, depression and inertia, which we all experience from time to time! I will help you find the unlimited energy within your body that will get you fully inspired and engaged in life, so that you can take your life to the next level, and start to live the life you always dreamed of. It doesn’t matter if you have never done one single Yoga class in your life, and can’t touch your toes because no experience is needed for this course, everything is very simple and clearly explained for you to practice, as you are right now. Equally if you have done other forms of Yoga but feel that there is something missing, then let me reveal the secret of how and why Kundalini Yoga is something extra special. No matter who you are, this course can put you on the path to help you find a deeper insight into what Yoga is really about, which is no less than rediscovering the truth of who you really are. This course is 100% FREE so there is nothing to lose!



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