Kundalini Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga Bristol

at Wilder Studios

27-29 Wilder St
St Pauls

All Levels

***Currently on hiatus***

Mark Keane Sat Krya full

With the South West’s primary Kundalini Yoga teacher: Mark TJ Keane

Book now on 07726 892 631 or Email us

What to bring

Something to exercise on, a limited number of Yoga Mats are supplied but if you have your own Yoga Mat then please feel free to bring it, otherwise, a rug or something similar is perfectly suitable. (Kundalini Yoga is traditionally practiced on a sheep’s skin)

If you are new to Yoga or think you may have trouble with your flexibility then bring a small cushion.

A blanket is a nice option to have for the relaxation.

A water bottle is a good idea, it can be filled up at the kitchen.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Most importantly bring yourself and an attitude to become happy, healthy and whole!

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