Men Only

Kundalini Yoga Workshops for Men

men only

Often men feel cut off from their bodies, and look to sport and physical exercise to address this, sometimes going to great lengths just to finally begin to relax.

But the truth is men find it hard to relax, because so often they feel a calling for something so much more than what life is presenting with them.

Women are finding their power more, but the truth is no-one can truly become powerful until men take up this challenge of stepping up to what it is to be a true man in the world today. Yoga can meet this need, in a way that other physical exercise just can’t quite reach permanently.

The truth is Yoga was designed by men for men, and men need to reclaim Yoga for themselves to meet women in their current ascendency.

Kundalini Yoga is incredibly powerful Yoga – ‘Next level!’ It channels the sexual energy which men often find hard to manage, and puts it into their drive, their creative endeavours, their purpose…

For a man must be focused on what he is here to do, otherwise he is lost…

Kundalini Yoga can, and will make this happen, by removing the blocks of fear and doubt which hold us back.

It is time for Men to RISE into their true power, and masculinity. Come and join the revolution!


No experience necessary

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