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Kundalini Dance

Kundalini Dance is a revolutionary form of self healing and personal transformation devised by Leyolah Antara in Australia, and taught exclusively by Mark TJ Keane in the UK.

It is an incredibly powerful combination of ritual, meditation, pranic breathing and sounding and of course DANCE!

It is the most powerful way of activating personal awakening through dance because it harnesses the Kundalini, your life force, and the force of all creation itself.

The modern that is danced through is the 7 Chakra system which acts a blueprint to come to know yourself, to free your self from old conditioned reactive behaviour into actual FREE WILL. The power to choose to behave in a way that is truly supportive to your journey.

The sessions are both cathartic and celebratory.

The sessions always end in a profound connection to the divine, a felt oneness with being tht has to be experienced to be believed. We are tapping into something ancient, shamanic, tribal, almost lost, but NEVER forgotten.

Come discover who you are and dance your Kundalini FREE!

Contact us now to arrange a Kundalini Dance journey in your area!

Kundalini Dance is an integral part of our monthly Kundalini Clubbing events, currently held in Bristol.

Exciting News: We are bringing Kundalini Dance creator, Leyolah Anatara to the UK for a Sacred Union retreat, near Glastonbury, from May 6th, 2018, see:


Tess Fire Dance

Kundalini Fire Dance

Kundalini Fire Dance is Kundalini Dance conducted with sacred ritual around a real fire, outside in a special place such forest clearings or standing stone circles.

The fire is used as the central place of focus for ritually burning away our demons, and transforming them into new channels of creativity to conduct a new way of life.

The dances coincide with the 8 ‘liminal’ points of the year: Equinox, Solstice and ‘Cross Quarter Points’.

Fire Dance Music











  • Full 8 Week Kundalini Dance Course format

    We learn the lesson of letting go, dropping in and connecting with our deeper selves.

    We will focus deeply on embodying a different chakra each week.

    This will be a closed group, so that we can go deep, supported by the circle of trust that we share and co-create together.

    Expect powerful transformations and shifts into higher consciousness and awareness.

    Each session is 2 1/2 hours long so that we can go through all the phases:

    Group Sharing – Setting intentions

    Opening up Sacred Space – Opening up the 7 directions, honouring the ancestors, entering the heart space

    Body Warm Up – Out of the mind, into the body – aah 🙂

    Physical Body Phase – Always includes the powerfully transformational fire dance, going on to bring the body fully into alignment with the chakra

    Emotional Body Phase – Letting go of emotions that have been stuck in the body for aeons – cathartic joy!

    Spiritual Body Phase – Bringing down the light of awareness to ground down spiritual embodiment

    Mental Body Phase – Guided visualisation or meditation to allow the mind to integrate the journey.

    Grounding – Coming back down to honour the sacred earth – pachamama!

    Group Sharing – Sharing our experience

    Week 1 – Introduction – Exploring our 7 energy centres
    Week 2 – Base Chakra – Grounding, Trust and Belonging
    Week 3 – Sacral Chakra – Opening to creativity, healing sexual wounding
    Week 4 – Solar Plexus Chakra – Finding power, direction and clarity
    Week 5 – Heart Chakra – Surrendering, opening and letting go into the eternal heart space of pure love and innocence
    Week 6 – Throat Chakra – Releasing the voice of the inner child, finding true authentic expression, and learning to hear and meet others
    Week 7 – Third Eye Chakra – opening up to higher intuition and visioning for a new way of being in the fifth dimension frequency…a new earth!
    Week 8 – Crown Chakra – Divine alignment into the truth of your being as a pure spirit of brilliant light and pure love.

    Cost is just £120/£100 conc. for the full 8 week course of 20 hours! (Can be paid in installments)

    Contact us now to arrange a Kundalini Dance journey in your area!

  •  Kundalini Fire Dance, Spring Equinox 2019
    Leigh Woods, Bristol

The secret fire-serpent of creation that re-emerges from the Earth at this time, also re-awakens inside of us.
We must break through the confines of limitation and resistance, in order to kindle the ideas that we have been stirring in the cauldron of our minds over the winter.
Now re can begin to focus our intention on springing forward to begin to behold the vision that we choose to co-create for the forthcoming full blooming of the Summer.

Listen to the drum…how does it match your rhythm…

What fire dance is waiting to be unleashed to the world this year?

Be bold, be brave, be true…be YOU!

Together we can manifest a beautiful world, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Suggested donation – £10

Contact us now for more information/reserve your place.

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