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I, Mark Keane, feel very privileged to be part of a ‘Flash Mob’ Meditation synchronised with World Peace day on September 22nd 2014…

Calm amidst the stormI was asked by an Environment Agency colleague, and fellow meditator, Mark Wilkinson, if I would help organise it, and I immediately accepted the challenge.

As fate would have it, we soon learnt that a huge global climate change protest was happening on the same day, and Bristol was no exception. Incredibly they had decided to march through Bristol and arrive at College Green, (in front of the Cathedral, and Bristol City Hall) at exactly the same time as we had planned to meditate, at 4pm.

We decided we would go ahead, as this synchronicity was far too great too ignore.

It occurred to me, the reason this happened, is because we recognise for the world to change, then people have to change. The only way people will change is for their level of conscious awareness to change. Essentially, as Eckhart Tolle says,

Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space; nobody else is, just as you are responsible for the planet. As within, so without: If humans clear inner pollution, then they will also cease to create outer pollution”

So appealing to Governments to change is one thing, but can we really expect a system to support change, when it has so much invested in preserving the status quo?

What is really needed is a complete revolution in the collective consciousness in humanity. This is why I believe World Peace Day is even more important that a climate change march, although they are both intimately, and directly connected.

Real change, even collectively, can only really come from within. For the planet’s destruction to be curbed, people must realise that by damaging the Earth, we are damaging ourselves. We are sealing our own demise, by biting the hand that feeds us. We must not only see this intellectually, we must feel this, feel in our hearts that we are not only reliant on nature, but connected to nature…WE ARE NATURE. Our bodies are made of the Earth, sustained by the Earth, and will eventually die back into the Earth. We must rekindle our deep respect, reverence and celebration of all nature, and her cycles if we are to restore balance to this planet, and to our split psyches.

So whilst the masses were appealing to the state, I felt very honoured to be sitting quietly, and holding space for their sentiments for change. By doing this, I believe the 40 or 50 people that came together, to bear silent witness for change without judgement, had as much effect, if not more effect than the thousands who came to shout about it.

There is no doubt, that if every man, woman, and child took time out of every single day to meditate, then the world would change. It would change at such a rate that we would be astounded by the peace and beauty that we would have co-created. Let that be our goal then. Meditation is the answer to everything, for it brings inner peace, and it causes us to spread peace, and to see events and people peacefully. Peace is the most powerful force in the universe, we just have to take a stand and believe in peace, and not the addiction to inner, and outer conflict, and the destruction it causes.

The revolution will not be televised, for it is happening within, and it is happening RIGHT NOW!

May Peace Prevail On Earth.


  1. LOVE becoming more concious in all aspects including practicing meditation and I adore your blog..its very well written. BUT…I would like to emphasize the inner pollution you spoke about…..emotional toxicity or intoxication is a BIG ONE for everyone…..with addictions…our ego battles…struggles….all the mind games…stories we create…. isn’t it important to meditate to let go of these??…to allow the inner spirit/soul/higher self to remember we are immortal and that this human existence is transitory and that we are learning/releasing karma to evolve to the next level.

    I find meditation a time for deep prayer to be grateful for the bliss and abundance I have and to ask for more guidance along this path called life. OM AMEN….xx Fiona xx

    • Thanks Fiona, yes of course inner pollution is a big thing for people, and it needs to be recognised. The first part of change is awareness, and then total acceptance. From there a new possibility of being arises. Once the new self begins to arise, we can begin to shift our attention away from the pain, and into space that is created, to embrace the eternal truth of our divine nature.

  2. I like your post and agree to some extent. I think a lot of people were on the march because of the call to action they felt in their hearts and I think shouting for the right heartfelt reasons can be as powerful as silence. Having said that I really love the idea of lots of HUGE mass silent meditations. Also, the creative ideas which spring from that gap in the train of thoughts lead to innovative ways to tackle the problems of the world!

    • Thanks Tess. Yes I agree the Climate Change March was positive on many levels. It shows to me that more and more people are standing up and saying they want to live in a better world. It comes down to intention in the end, so if you accept the way things are, and do not judge, then true action flows from a place of non-resistance. To resist anything is to ensure it perists. However, if a collective vision is held for a clean, healthy planet, then this will be so. But YES imagine if all those thousands had sat down and meditated, THAT would have moved mountains – no question 😉 x


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